Multiple factor security questions harsh my mellow

Multiple factor security questions are only for the one-dimensional. They stymie those with more developed and extensive tastes. Perhaps that is the point.

They’d be more useful if they stuck to tried and true questions with definite answers:

* Your mother’s maiden name
* The name of your high school
* The worst president in U.S. history

But no. They have to be clever. Today I was trying to log on to my TransUnion account to check my credit report (COMCAST – YOU SUCK! I paid for the stupid modem already). They have the following as one of their security questions:

What is your favorite movie?

My favorite movie? Who has one favorite movie? Isn’t it entirely dependent on your mood? I dunno, maybe it’s The Big Lebowski. Amelie? No. Surely it’s Rancho Deluxe. Triplets of Belleville? There is no way I would have picked that – it’s too long. Shorter names, hmm. Incredibles. The Incredibles?

Here are some other useful questions from McSweeney’s.

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