Do you like #Slack? And the TV series Silicon Valley? You aren’t alone…

If you are a Slack fanatic (a Slanatic?), you probably belong to several teams. Some of my teams have purpose-driven names, like $company-$department.

But others are, um, more whimsical. Recently I needed to start a new team for a nascent project. I thought what could possibly be a richer source of names than the hilarious Silicon Valley TV series

Well — surprise! — all the obvious names are taken.

Here are just a few names I tried that someone has already staked out:

  • bachman
  • dinesh
  • hooli
  • piedpiper
  • trescommas
  • rebillionization

There are obviously lots of other options, but you have to dig pretty deep to find something relevant. The gold rush is over.

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