You really should be reading Stop already and go read it.

If you don’t already, you really should be reading Keith Bradnam’s ACGT.

Keith is the creator of the hilarious Just Another Bogus Bioinformatics Acronym (JABBA) Awards. If that isn’t reason enough to name your next bioinformatics framework after a “secret beach break in Guanacaste” (not that one exists) instead of using an asinine acronym, well then I’ll throw this in too: ACGT is frontline informative and discusses things you need to know before they’ve hit the rough streets.

He also does the 101 questions with a bioinformatician series which provides a more personal look into the field of bioinformatics. It’s sort of a conference meet-and-greet, CSHL wine-and-cheese, or Sanger Bits & Nibbles (I still chuckle when I hear that, it’s so super kawaii). Keith has already lined up a great list of interesting interviews. I am admittedly, a recent participant, but the previous interviews are from far more esteemed peeps and worth a read. It’s a great idea and you should really get over there and check it out.

And do follow kbradnam on Twitter, too, yep? You’d be making a mistake otherwise.