Does Nobel Prize == quality teacher?

In a speech to the NAACP, John McCain wrote:

Many thousands of highly qualified men and women have great knowledge, wisdom, and experience to offer public school students. But a monopoly on teacher certification prevents them from getting that chance. You can be a Nobel Laureate and not qualify to teach in most public schools today. They don’t have all the proper credits in educational ‘theory’ or ‘methodology’ — all they have is learning and the desire and ability to share it.

First, how many Nobel Prize winners would want to teach in America’s public schools. I don’t think he realizes that this would be a serious pay cut for most Nobel Laureates.

Second, there is much more to be an effective teacher than simply having “knowledge, wisdom, and experience.” Nobel laureates are usually good for ribald seminars but I’m not certain I’d want them teaching my kids. And I don’t even have kids 😉