Web-based time tracking solutions

I’ve used pretty much every time tracking, billing, and invoicing tool available for the Mac.

But hey, enough with the desktop apps already. I’m an on-the-go guy and need a mobile, web-based solution. With rounded corners, too, please.

Here are two options that I’ve discovered.


Goofy name, but feature rich. Gratis and paid plans available, restricted by the number of projects you can maintain at once and the types of reports that are available. Looks helluva lot like 37 Signal’s project management tool Basecamp. Intuitive interface with appropriate (albeit sometimes flakey) ajax. Generates simple and generic invoices. Export to PDF and CSV available with paid plans, which start at a reasonable 5 bucks a month.


They’ve got the name sans final “e”. That’s a good start. Again, both free and paid plans. I found the free plans to be nearly useless since reports don’t calculate a sum for billable hours unless you upgrade to a paid plan. And at 19 smackers a month, it ain’t cheap. Still, looks promising.

Know of other good (free) web-based time-tracking tools?